Newport & Devoto EP Tim Oe & Danjel Esperanza

Newport & Devoto EP

Tim Oés Newport is a warm and melodic track. Soulful soundskapes with varied effects and percussions, which creates a wonderful atmosphere topped off with a deep baseline. The first summerhit on this ep. Danjel Esperanzas Newport lazy sunset remix is alike the original but sets a high value on the deep warm baseline at the beginning of the track... Meira »

Engin atkvæði
Hlusta 01 Newport Tim Oe 7:46 129,-
Hlusta 04 Devoto Tim Oe 6:17 129,-
Snið: MP3 192   Útgáfuár: 2007 Útgáfa: Meleon Music Lagafjöldi: 4 Tegund: Danstónlist Hlustun: no