Super Oldie Mix 2 Ýmsir

Super Oldie Mix 2

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Hlusta 01 Shake Rattle And Roll Bill Haley and The Co.. 3:24
Hlusta 02 Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend Marilyn Monroe 3:33
Hlusta 03 Ramblin' Rose Nat King Cole 2:48
Hlusta 04 The Swizzle Count Basie 3:35
Hlusta 05 I Don't Mean A Thing Nina Simone 2:30
Hlusta 06 When The Saint Go Marchin' In Fats Domino 3:07
Hlusta 07 Say It Isn't So Billie Holiday 3:17
Hlusta 08 Peggy Sue Buddy Holly 2:32
Hlusta 09 I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm E. Fitzgerald, L. Arm.. 3:12
Hlusta 10 I Love You Samantha Bing Crosby 4:33
Hlusta 11 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes The Platters 2:37
Hlusta 12 Rock And Roll Music Chuck Berry 2:37
Hlusta 13 Golden Empire Tina Turner 3:47
Hlusta 14 Soul Shakedown Party Bob Marley 3:09
Hlusta 15 Dance Ballerina Dance Perry Como 3:03
Hlusta 16 Mama Look A Boo Boo Harry Belafonte 5:13
Snið: MP3 192   Útgáfuár: 1992 Útgáfa: Bella Musica Edition Lagafjöldi: 16 Tegund: Popp Hlustun: no