The Singing Troubadour (Great Movie Themes) Dick Powell

The Singing Troubadour

In the 1930s , Dick Powell was the juvenile lead in the Warner backstage musicals opposite such rising stars as Ruby Keeler and Joan Blondell. After his career in musicals, he was cast in private-eye roles and became a producer and director for both TV and movies. Here he is performing in: Hollywood Hotel (1937), Gold Diggers of 1937 (1936), On .. Meira »

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Hlusta 01 I'm Like a Fish Out of Water (feat. Harry Sosnik and his Orc... (Hollywood Hotel) 2:43 129,-
Hlusta 02 With Plenty of Money and You (feat. Victor Young and his Orc... (Gold Diggers Of 1937) 2:30 129,-
Hlusta 03 I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm (feat. Victor Young and his... (On The Avenue) 2:55 129,-
Hlusta 04 Let's Put Our Heads Together (feat. Victor Young and his Orc... (Gold Diggers Of 1937) 2:30 129,-
Hlusta 05 'Cause My Baby Says It's So (feat. Lou Forbes and his Orches... (The Singing Marine) 3:01 129,-
Hlusta 06 You've Got Something There (feat. Lou Forbes and his Orchest... (The Varsity Show) 2:33 129,-
Hlusta 07 Two Hearts Divided (feat. Victor Young and his Orchestra) (Hearts Divided) 3:04 129,-
Hlusta 08 There's Two Sides to Every Story (feat. Victor Young and his... (Hearts Divided) 2:51 129,-
Hlusta 09 Speaking of the Weather (feat. Victor Young and his Orchestr... (Gold Diggers Of 1937) 2:57 129,-
Hlusta 10 You Can't Stop Me from Dreaming (feat. Harry Sosnik and his ... (Gold Diggers of 1937) 2:29 129,-
Hlusta 11 I've Hitched My Wagon to a Star (feat. Harry Sosnik and his ... (Hollywood Hotel) 2:39 129,-
Hlusta 12 This Year's Kisses (feat. Victor Young and his Orchestra) [O... (On The Avenue) 2:41 129,-
Hlusta 13 All's Fair In Love and War (feat. Victor Young and his Orche... (The Gold Diggers Of ..) 2:44 129,-
Hlusta 14 Moonlight On the Campus (feat. Lou Forbes and his Orchestra)... (The Varsity Show) 2:39 129,-
Hlusta 15 You Can't Run Away from Love Tonight (feat. Lou Forbes and h... (The Singing Marine) 3:04 129,-
Hlusta 16 In Your Own Quiet Way (feat. Victor Young and his Orchestra)... (Stage Struck) 3:23 129,-
Hlusta 17 Don't Give Up the Ship (feat. Male Octet and Victor Young Or... (Shipmates Forever) 2:29 129,-
Hlusta 18 Roses In December (feat. Harry Sosnik and his Orchestra) [Li... (Life Of The Party) 2:37 129,-
Hlusta 19 You're Laughing At Me (feat. Victor Young and his Orchestra)... (On The Avenue) 3:00 129,-
Hlusta 20 Song of the Marines (feat.Male Quartet and Lous Forbes and h... (The Singing Marine) 2:19 129,-
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