Various Artists - A Dinner For Lovers Vol. 03 (MP3 Album) Ýmsir

Various Artists - A Dinner For Lovers Vol. 03 (MP3 Album)

A DINNER FOR LOVERS VOL. 03¶¶After the huge success of Volume 01 and 02, we go on with the third release of this beautiful compilation series with more love songs from the 50ies! This time, artists like Ritchie Valens with his unbelievable "Donna", Frankie Lemon with "Why Do Fools Fall In Love", or Paul Anka and Sam Cooke will make this dinner perf.. Meira »

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Hlusta 01 Ritchie Valens - Donna (Original Mix) (Original Mix) Ritchie Valens 2:32 129,-
Hlusta 02 Sarah Vaughan with Quincy Jones - Misty (Original.. (Original Mix) Sarah Vaughan with Qu.. 3:00 129,-
Hlusta 03 Elvis Presley - Love Me (Original Mix) (Original Mix) Elvis Presley 3:15 129,-
Hlusta 04 The Platters - Only You And You Alone (Original M.. (Original Mix) The Platters 2:38 129,-
Hlusta 05 Frankie Lemon - Why Do Fool Fall In Love (Origina.. (Original Mix) Frankie Lemon 2:18 129,-
Hlusta 06 Sam Cooke - You Send Me (Original Mix) (Original Mix) Sam Cooke 2:45 129,-
Hlusta 07 Billie Holiday - That Ole Devil Called Love (Orig.. (Original Mix) Billie Holiday 2:52 129,-
Hlusta 08 Dinah Washington - Mad About A Boy (Original Mix) (Original Mix) Dinah Washington 2:59 129,-
Hlusta 09 Henri Mancini - Poinciana (Original Mix) (Original Mix) Henri Mancini 3:28 129,-
Hlusta 10 Nat King Cole - Smile (Original Mix) (Original Mix) Nat King Cole 2:52 129,-
Hlusta 11 Paul Anka - You Are My Destiny (Original Mix) (Original Mix) Paul Anka 2:46 129,-
Hlusta 12 Ray Charles - Drown In My Own Tears (Original Mix.. (Original Mix) Ray Charles 3:21 129,-
Hlusta 13 The Orioles - Crying In The Chapel (Original Mix) (Original Mix) THE ORIOLES 3:02 129,-
Hlusta 14 Tommy Edwards - It's All In The Game (Original Mi.. (Original Mix) Tommy Edwards 2:38 129,-
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