Black and White Ýmsir

Black and White

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Hlusta 01 It's Not A Game (featuring Raekwon and Rza) (Explicit) American Cream Team 4:55
Hlusta 02 Year 2000 (remix featuring Jonathan Davis) (Explicit) Jonathan Davis 3:44
Hlusta 03 Don't Be A Follower (Explicit) The Prodigy 3:13
Hlusta 04 Dramacide (featuring Big Pun and Kool G Rap) (Explicit) Kool G Rap 3:36
Hlusta 05 Life's A Bitch (Explicit) Everlast 3:22
Hlusta 06 Wake Up (Explicit) Raekwon 4:05
Hlusta 07 Dem Crazy (featuring The Marley Brothers and .. (Explicit) Ghetto Youths Crew 4:53
Hlusta 08 Stand For Something (featuring Tha Outlawz) (Explicit) Chip Banks 4:38
Hlusta 09 Middle Finger Attitude (Explicit) American Cream Team 4:07
Hlusta 10 You (Feel Good Remix Featuring Mos Def) (Explicit) Mos Def 3:43
Hlusta 11 You'Re A Big Girl Now (Explicit) LV 4:12
Hlusta 12 Free (Explicit) Michael Fredo 3:24
Snið: WMA 192   Útgáfuár: 2000 Útgáfa: EPIC Lagafjöldi: 12 Tegund: Popp Hlustun: no