Bruzin VIP/ Hysteria Ýmsir

Bruzin VIP/ Hysteria

Terror Danjah is currently putting the finishing touches to a new album for Hyperdub, while at the same time plotting total club takeover with his own soon-to-be-revealed label. This is his second single on Hyperdub, after the mighty pairing of ‘Acid’ and ‘Pro Plus’ earlier this year. These two tracks are packed full of energy and fresh ideas. ‘Bru.. Meira »

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Hlusta 01 Bruzin VIP Terror Danjah 3:56
Hlusta 02 Hysteria DOK, Terror Danjah 3:00
Snið: MP3 320   Útgáfuár: 2010 Útgáfa: Hyperdub Lagafjöldi: 2 Tegund: Elektróník Hlustun: no