0:12 Revolution In Just Listening Coalesce

0:12 Revolution In Just Listening

Incredibly raw, psychotic vocals incessantly punish while explosively chaotic guitars and left-of-center rhythms mesmerize and manifest in the most devastating manner! There is no safe place to escape!

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Hlusta 01 What Happens on the Road Always Comes Home 3:05
Hlusta 02 Cowards.Com 2:25
Hlusta 03 Burn Everything That Bears Our Name 2:23
Hlusta 04 While the Jackass Operation Spins Its Wheels 2:22
Hlusta 05 Sometimes Selling Out Is Waking Up 3:21
Hlusta 06 Where the Hell Is Rick Thorne These Days? 1:55
Hlusta 07 Jesus In the Year 2000 / Next on the Shit List 2:57
Hlusta 08 Counting Murders and Drinking Beer (The $46,000 Escape) 2:33
Hlusta 09 They Always Come In Fall 2:49
Snið: MP3 192   Útgáfuár: 1998 Útgáfa: Relapse Records Lagafjöldi: 9 Tegund: Þungarokk Hlustun: no