Bells a Go Martin Eyerer

Bells a Go

It's been around 2 years since Kling Klong big boss Martin Eyerer released his last solo single 'Cave Canem' on his very own label. So you can imagine how we ring the bells now at Kling Klong hq. Martin Eyerer seduces immediately with his great groove and with his own spoken words, the first time ever he used his own voice. On the remix tip, we .. Meira »

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Hlusta 01 Bells a Go (Original) 7:05
Hlusta 02 Bells a Go (Bushwacka!'s 'Just B..) 7:14
Hlusta 03 Bells a Go (Sascha Sonido Remix) 7:03
Hlusta 04 Bells a Go (Homm & Popoviciu Rem..) 7:59
Snið: MP3 192   Útgáfuár: 2012 Útgáfa: Kling Klong Lagafjöldi: 4 Tegund: Elektróník Hlustun: no