The Female Indie Vigils (Digital Only) Ýmsir

The Female Indie Vigils

Following the success of last November’s ‘Indie Vigils’ digital download compilation, Cherry Red is incredibly excited to present the second edition in this series ‘Female: Indie Vigils’. ‘Female: Indie Vigils’ is a unique ten track indie collection available exclusively for digital download. Featuring some of the genres most iconic female indie v.. Meira »

Engin atkvæði
Hlusta 01 Irish Bride Fuzzbox 3:19
Hlusta 02 Liar Charlottes 4:19
Hlusta 03 I Could Be in Heaven Flatmates 4:16
Hlusta 04 Someone You Love Popguns 2:46
Hlusta 05 20,000 Leagues Marine Girls 2:23
Hlusta 06 Nothing You Say Grab Grab The Haddock 3:16
Hlusta 07 Song for the Lonely Drugstore 3:50
Hlusta 08 Dreamy Tracey Thorn 2:54
Hlusta 09 The End of the Affair Weekend 3:04
Hlusta 10 Repentant Song Its Jo & Danny 3:31
Snið: MP3 192   Útgáfuár: 2009 Útgáfa: Cherry Red Records Lagafjöldi: 10 Tegund: Alternative Hlustun: no