Lost Loves Serge Gainsbourg, Brigitte Bardot

Lost Loves

Released on 13/02/12. Serge Gainsbourg was known outside France primarily for the steamy duet J'taime moi non plus but to those at home he stood as the ultimate rebel artist. He has been described as debauched, irreverent, misanthropic, dissolute, a provocateur, a genius, an alcoholic, a poet, a national treasure and a romantic who handled lang.. Meira »

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Hlusta 01 La chanson de Prévert Serge Gainsbourg 3:02
Hlusta 02 En relisant ta lettre Serge Gainsbourg 2:01
Hlusta 03 Le rock de Nerval Serge Gainsbourg 1:53
Hlusta 04 Les oubliettes Serge Gainsbourg 2:28
Hlusta 05 Chanson de Maglia Serge Gainsbourg 2:05
Hlusta 06 Viva Villa Serge Gainsbourg 3:23
Hlusta 07 Les amours perdues Serge Gainsbourg 2:58
Hlusta 08 Les femmes c'est du chinois Serge Gainsbourg 2:33
Hlusta 09 Personne Serge Gainsbourg 2:44
Hlusta 10 Le sonnet d'Arvers Serge Gainsbourg 1:55
Hlusta 11 La chanson de Prévert Isabelle Aubret 2:58
Hlusta 12 En relisant ta lettre Jean-Claude Pascal 2:08
Hlusta 13 Les oubliettes Jean-Claude Pascal 2:42
Hlusta 14 Sidone (Sonorama Magazine No. 29 Flex.. Brigitte Bardot 1:28
Hlusta 15 On the Sunny Side of the Street (Fren.. Brigitte Bardot 2:44
Hlusta 16 Noir et blanc (French TV Special) Brigitte Bardot 1:41
Hlusta 17 Stanislas (French TV Special) Brigitte Bardot 3:15
Hlusta 18 Les Amis de la musique (French TV Spe.. Brigitte Bardot 3:51
Hlusta 19 Al Bondy Cha Cha (La Bride Sur le Cou.. Brigitte Bardot 2:16
Hlusta 20 La Bride sur le cou (La Bride Sur le .. Brigitte Bardot 3:12
Hlusta 21 Brigitte Strip Blues (La Bride Sur le.. Brigitte Bardot 2:35
Hlusta 22 Jeff's Blues (Selections from Behind .. Brigitte Bardot 2:46
Hlusta 23 Mambo Bardot (Selections from Behind .. Brigitte Bardot 4:00
Hlusta 24 Tell Me Something Sweet (Selections f.. Brigitte Bardot 2:37
Hlusta 25 Paris B.B. (Selections from Behind Br.. Brigitte Bardot 2:16
Hlusta 26 Manina Theme (Selections from Behind .. Brigitte Bardot 3:32
Hlusta 27 A t'Aimer (Selections from Behind Bri.. Brigitte Bardot 2:09
Hlusta 28 L'etang (Selections from Behind Brigi.. Brigitte Bardot 2:50
Hlusta 29 Ma Vie est a Toi (Selections from Beh.. Brigitte Bardot 3:00
Hlusta 30 The Night Heaven Fell (Selections fro.. Brigitte Bardot 2:36
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